Voice Over IP Telephone Systems are evolving at break-neck speeds and Georgia Wire Services is right there following the evolution so you don't have to.  Our customers have trusted us for more than 23 years for their traditional phone needs and we will be around to continue to earn their trust through this new and exciting era in voice and data communications.

In addition to the numerous advanced features which are included with the phone system, one of the most powerful features is the free market choice of handsets.  Because VoIP is based on an open standard called SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), it will support any telephone which is SIP compliant.  What does this techno jargon mean to you?  It means freedom of choice for your telephone handset.  You pick the phone that best suites your needs.  Do you need a phone with no frills?  Do you need a high quality and powerful speaker phone?  What about a phone with 100 buttons on it?  How about a video phone ??  The choice is yours at a very competitive price!  Manufacturers like Polycom, Cisco, Astra and Grandstream just to name a few. 
Unless our customer specifies otherwise, Georgia Wire Services will engineer solutions using Grandstream telephones due to their quality, feature set, and low price.

Georgia Wire Services engineers all of our VoIP systems with strong redundancy.  This means a phone system that is ready to make a call each and every time you are.

VoIP Features:

  • Voicemail (Unlimited storage and channels)

  • Call Recording / Call Monitoring

  • Built In Conference Bridge

  • Fax and Voicemail to E-mail

  • Fax and Voicemail Web Interface (Check your faxes and voicemail from the web)

  • Call Detail Recording

  • Follow Me - Out of the office?  VoIP will attempt to find you to deliver a call

  • Graphical Operator Console

  • Auto Attendant with Menus

  • Call Center Queues

  • Softphone Support (No phone necessary!  Just plug up a headset and microphone to your computer!)

  • Video Phone Support

  • And more than 100 more!

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